2019 “Embodying Colour V”, Raum Schroth im Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest, Germany

2018 “In Pieces”, Jason Vass Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2017 “Unidentified Objects”, Manhattan Beach Art Center/ Time4Art/ Homeira Goldstein, Los Angeles, California

2017 “Transangeles (Love Your Bean)”, Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Aschaffenburg, Germany

2016 “LOVE YOUR BEAN”, Trans-Angeles: ”Crossover Experimentation” Chabot Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2015 Me & My Arrow, OCHI PROJECTS’S inaugural exhibition

2014 LOVE YOUR BEAN -large scale Jelly Bean installation Vancouver Biennale

2014 “Trans- Angeles” Kuntsmuseum Wihelm-Morgner- Haus- Soest, Germany Jelly beans sculptures, Arrows sculptures

2013 West Hollywood, CA -Art On The Outside, LOVE YOUR BEAN- Large scale Jelly Bean sculptures

2013 NYE+BROWN Gallery Los Angeles California, Voluminosity- Jelly bean sculptures

2012 Katherine Cone Gallery  Los Angeles, CA. “Summer Of Jack” Jelly Bean sculptures

2011 Lumiere Sculpture park and Museum St. Louis, Mo. Knot sculpture

2009 Orange Expression Saint-Hyacinthe Quebec Canada, I was here

2008 The Proposition Gallery NY, NY . Chocolate Jesus and Chocolate Saints

2007 Lab Gallery NY,NY .Chocolate Jesus Show was canceled because of a protest from the Catholic league.

2004 Lab Gallery NY,NY .Absolute Pressed Ham

2003 Ingrid Raab Gallery-Berlin Germany,Burning Piano

2003 Art Gallery – College of Arts & Sciences, Fort Myers, FL Burning Piano

2002 Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, New York NY: Cheese Jacket, Marshmallow Jacket

2002 South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA: Burning Piano

2002 Burning Piano, Toronto ONT: Burning Piano

2001 Cheese House Wyoming, Powell WY: House In Cheese

2000 Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon IL: Bicycle Seats

1999 Downtown Arts Festival, New York NY: Twiggy In Cheese

1999 Washington Jefferson Hotel, New York NY: Room 114

1998 Nese & Alpan Gallery, Roslyn NY: Pillows

1998 Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon IL: Knot

1998 Stevens George Gallery, Hammond IN: Nudes

1998 Chicago Children’s Museum, Chicago IL: Knot

1998 Moo Boo Gallery, Berkley CA: Nudes

1998 Pier Walk, Chicago IL: Knot

1998 Armory Art Center, Palm Beach FL: Kiddie Ride

1998 Wood Street Gallery, Chicago IL: Pillows

1998 De Corvada Museum and Sculpture Park, Boston MA: Knot

1998 Krasel Art Center, Chicago IL: Pillows

1998 Center For Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA: Kiddie Ride

1997 Real Art Ways Contemporary Art Center, Hartford CT: Birth, Pillows, and Railings

1996 SoHo Arts Festival, New York NY: Birth and Pillows